Roundtable cycle at the Italian Chamber of Commerce - Social Benefits for employees: Tax effects on firms and employees

On Tuesday 31 of August at 10.30am, a roundtable was held in the offices of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Argentine Republic (Marcelo T. de Alvear 1119 - 2°), for its members.

The presentation was developed under the following scheme:

  • Definition of social benefits (Use of cars, credit cards, rental housing, courses, etc.). Tax effects.
  • Calculation of the employee´s tax when receiving social benefits - Limitation.
  • Expatriates.
  • Case studies - opinion of Treasury and justice.

The presentation was given by Gaston Mondino and Pablo Guzman, both managers of Mazars - Estudio Urien & Asociados.

The meeting was especially addressed to accountants and administrative managers of multinational firms and Small and Medium Enterprises.