A financial audit is all about producing trustworthy financial information, but at Mazars we go a step further than just making sure the figures add up. We can advise you on the consistency and reliability of your financial information.

As well as looking at your financial statements, we will help you improve the way that you produce and present economic and financial information - to help you manage risks effectively. You will also be in a better position to make strategic decisions and have more transparency with shareholders.

Our highly technical staff have the right tools and methodologies to adapt to your organisations’ needs. We can also call on our wider network of experts – e.g. internal control who can provide specialist solutions.

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Breakfast “IFRS – News 2008/2009"

Mazars in Argentina hosted a breakfast meeting at the Argentinean-French Economic Chamber about IFRS news on September 24, 2009.

Statutory audit

With more and more changes to financial regulations occurring, audit remains an important process to ensure trust and maintain ethical standards.

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Contractual audit

You may need to present your firm’s financial information for a business transaction, for example, an acquisition. A contractual audit will evaluate your processes.

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Auditoría de TI

La información y la tecnología que la soporta, son activos muy valiosos, en algunos casos el mas valioso de la empresa y es por esto que se deben administrar los riesgos asociados. Esto provoca que la inversión en TI crezca, provocando a su vez el crecimiento de las exigencias de los organismos de contralor y la empresas deben responder a estas exigencias.

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